CLi360 offers 360° of solutions for end of use electronics. Our complete solutions include testing and remarketing, refurbishing, salvaging components, data sanitization, physical destruction for data security and brand security, and responsible recycling.

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Our suppliers are welcome to audit our facilities and our down-stream processors. We provide online access to our customized product management software so suppliers can have up-to-date account and order processing information.

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Our client’s trust is important to us. With CLi360’s process for responsible management of out-of-service devices you can be confident that your product, as well as your subscriber’s data, and your reputation are protected.

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Our Management System is certified to 5 independent standards. These certifications require rigorous third-party audits to ensure we are meeting the requirements for quality and security as well as managing our environmental and health and safety aspects while recycling electronics in a responsible way.

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Our Clients

Our suppliers choose CLi360 because they understand the complexity of handling out of service wireless devices and other consumer electronics. The level of risk management that we provide gives our suppliers peace of mind.

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At CLi360, we know our customers need quality products they can count on. We stock a wide variety of mobile and consumer electronic components and devices that are ready to ship in our customized packaging.

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Recycling electronics is a complex process. At CLi360, we understand how electronics recycling works and only do business with end processors that we have approved through our strict audit process.